Selected Photo Articles I have published in 1x-Magazine

2010-Malaysian Golf Open

Technical Basics: Mountains Photography

2011-Malaysian Golf Open

Technical Basics: Night Photography

Tropical Flowers

From Morning Dawn to the Night

Trees of the Temperate World

Walk on the Beach

Trees of the Tropical World

Wild Monkeys do we know them?

Swiss Winter

Toronto: the most multi-cultural city in the world

European Spring

Verona: the City of Love


Rajasthan: the Jewel of India


Industrial Photography: my passion''

Photo Galleries until end of 2012

Locked in Malaysia

Amazing Roofs and Roofscapes


Challenging Fog Photography

Inspiring 1x Reflections Photography on Danube River

Sleeping Beauties

Striking 'Vanishing Point' Photographs

Ralf Eyertt; Well known Portrait and Fashion Photographer

Perspective: the most important design tools for photographers

Sun-Kissed golden Hour Glow

Bridges Engineering Wonders

Trees': a Wonder of Nature


Moving on the Road

Airplanes: Flying Wonders

The Magical World of Railways

Discover Kerala; God's Own Country

Flying over the North Pole

The Beauty of Winter Time

The World from Above-photographing from commercial airplane

Bratislava: A Small Modern City on Danube River

Gates, Doors and Windows: A Challenge for Photographer's Creativity

Waterfalls: the elegance, mystery and beauty of nature

Alps: Heroes of the Nature

Winter Miracle - White World

Sublime images taken in Wind and Rain



Last Revision March 2021